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ElectronAix - We care for your connection

ElectronAix is your supplier for cable assemblies, wire harness, FFC-cable aswell as connectors made in Taiwan and China. With us, you will find a partner for custom tailored solutions, special types as well as standard products. We offer design support and quick response times.
Welcome to ElectronAix
Are you looking for a business partner...?

» who listens to you and understands what you are talking about.
» who comes up with solutions.
» who responses fast, clearly and accurately.
» who is reliable during the complete product lifecycle.
» who helps to reduce your time to market.

Welcome to ElectronAix!

What's your benefit?

» design support and good quality products.
» on time deliveries.
» reduced costs.
» a reliable and uncompli
cated business partner.
products with good and stable quality.
» a highly motivated, service crazy team.

What are the facts?
ElectronAix was founded in 2001 by Peter Stremmer to deliver application specific interconnection solutions from Asia.

Who are the customers?
ElectronAix supplies to OEMs and CEMs  in the market segments Industrial Control, Telecommunication, Measurement and Automotive with lotsizes of 1000 to 100000 pieces.

What are our production standards?

We have frequent contact and a strong relation to our partners in Taiwan and China. We have only few key suppliers. That allows us, to understand the production processes and capabilities very well.
All lines are ISO9001, ISO14001 or TS 16949 approved. We put a high focus on the quality assurance of the products.

Your will always receive from us:

- dimensions as per approved drawing.
- materials as per approved drawing.
- tests as per definition.
- after approval, products come always from the same production line.

Win Win
Meanwhile we supplied thousands of solutions that meet exactly our customer's demands.

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